On Sheep Being Overboard

Sheep, when bunking with seafarers, are frequently overboard (often by choice, to escape rather unsavory reasons we shan’t consider here). So, yes, sheep can swim.

While “sheep overboard” is a curious seafaring circumstance, it is also a metaphor for our times.

We the sheep, the simple folk, are being jettisoned. But after a brief triumphant celeration of their cunning, first class will duly follow.

They say the brains of children are changing, affected by technological times and the pace of life. They also say childhood is lost sooner in these troubling times, while ironically adults are failing to grow up.

Whichever, this we know: eons of village life is ended and virtual global entities permeate the noosphere, that homogenizing layer which calls our tune too well.

Times are indeed changing us – a little too rapidly.

The editor no longer feels elation, or thrills at life. He’s lived long, seen and read too much. Dots are achieving connectedness.

Even life-changing luck would evoke only tears, for happiness is but blind ignorance on today’s Earth. Age and empathy enforce guilt that no fortune can erase.

There is no joy on this planet while half are hungry and so many brutalized.

Such dark broodings drive the melancholy on SheepOverboard.com.

For which I’m sorry but that’s old age.