Testimonials Forgettable

Roundup of what the world’s media is saying about SheepOverboard.

“More useful idiots” … PropOrNot.com

“Crikey she ain’t ” … Crikey.com.au

“Pretty well what we would look like if we were The Old Daily” … TheNewDaily.com.au

“An affront to all English-speaking ovines” … OvineTimes.com

“Sure glad it ain’t CowsOverboard.com” … BovineTimes.com

“Brought tears to our eyes – but like a real onion ” … TheOnion.com

“They’re so sad. We started sending them aid packages” … Oxfam.org

“A welcome addition to the world of woolly nibblers to keep us in the loop” … EwesNews.net

“Seems some of their material is fabricated and the rest made up. We should know” … WashingtonPost.com

“Infidels at their most Godless” … alQaedaTimes.com

“Godless at their most infidel” … ChristianTimes.com

“I was embarrassed. Friends thought it was a website I knocked up over the weekend” … TheSatirist.com

“Waste of bandwidth” … w3.org

“Validating netizens who believe the Internet has attained cold cliché caliber” … InternetPuristsAndSnobs.com

“We have no policy against indexing pathetic content” … Google.com

“We get our listings from Google – blame them” … DuckDuckGo.com

“We love ‘em. They bought 50GB bandwidth and haven’t even hit 5MB ” … HostMonster.com

“Probably the first website we ever kicked off our servers for other than spam” … SiteBuildIt.com

“At ranking 88,455,763,299, natural selection at work” … Alexa.com

“My God, I thought we were bad” … Express.co.uk