Trans R Us

That oaf Throsby’s snide dismissal of my remarks to the National Press Club did not go unnoticed in this office.

To designate me as ‘Senator for Progress At Any Cost’ is as vulgar an insult and erroneous an assertion as any in my political career, and I take strong exception to the inference.

Of course I was elected to represent the hard-working people of north Australia, to whom I will always be grateful for being allowed to improve this magnificent country.

But that means, at the most basic level, that my responsibility is to keep them in jobs, and that requires exploration, drilling, digging, mining, refining, carting, and shipping. Not some progressive sloganeering like “just transitions” but real transitions, like transitioning into more coal-fired power stations, transitioning into more exploration, transitioning into more gas extraction, transitioning into better use of the immense potential of the Great Barrier Reef as a take off point for many more shipping ports and sea-lanes to send our raw materials to the world.

I would like to see less transitioning into transitory so-called green energy and more transitioning into gas and coal base load generation. We need to put these great infrastructure projects back into the fast transit lane.

Transitorily speaking, change is over-rated.



Editor ~ Will ask Throsby to be less of a tranny in future