Price of Grog is Outrageous

Err, gidday. Oim hoping youse an yer readers can soign the petishun to end gummint taxin fun.

The link is

Me an me mates are dedicated boozers an we think it stinks that our funnin’ is stuffed by paying tax on grog & smokes & stuff ennat.

Mate, like, a box of VB is nearly 50 bucks an the taxashun steals $17 of that for his own pissup. Workin’ Strayans shouldn’t be payin’ for gubberment grog I mean fork me.

The govt taxes yer fun even when yer just tryin ta get smashed. No fair.

Just the other day I wuz havven a beer with Dunc, Col, Kev, and we drink in moderation an’ we never ever, well maybe sometimes, maybe often… orright, every time, but we never ever get rollin’ drunk. We told Col to stop bringin’ his doll ‘cause she’s too hard to pump up, and Kev’s friggin’ rustbucket flamin’ Chev froths up the beer ‘cause he hassent got aircon like but the atmosphere is great.

So, hows about signin’ me pettishum youse lousy lefty wankers? I knows yer all a bunch of pissheads ‘cause youse into all that red an white viniegar crap.

Johnno, no I mean Bazza,
Dusty st, Cumbucca

~ Ed: Umm, ever so thanks and all that but sorry, I’m busy bottling my batch of home brew. Appreciate the, err, heads up.