Not So Smart

Couldn’t make up my mind if Mr Shearer was being sarcastic, trying to be clever, or just sucking up to the so called “smart people.”

Methinks I’ll settle on all three.

You know, they’re not really all that smart. I know lots of so-called intelligentsia who have really screwed things up. Cough. Cane toads. Cough.

And I know many imbeciles who have made millions. Some of them are running the U.S. as I write.

And what’s with those floating cities? I see on their map a zone where no hurricanes happen. But tsunamis don’t stop at those zones. I also hope they have some clever defence against pirates, or terrorists, or – worst of all – pensioners.

By the way, if the flotation problem is still troubling them, I’ve a shitload of plastic bottles in the backyard they can have.

Broadsmiths NSW