Misconstured Snobs

I take strong offence at the article demeaning Waverly Council liberal supporters as “Bondi Snobs.” We fought for years to get council to renovate the Bondi Beach pavilion. When action was finally happening, the do-gooders and Greenie opportunists swoop in with their show business friends and put a wrecking ball though the whole project.

I hope they’re happy now. More years of hobos and arty types infesting that once beautiful building. My friends and I avoid the place because of all the undesirables hanging about. And there’s no classy restaurant to enjoy, only that common Bucket List with its awful noisy drunken young people.

TNG, O’Brians, Bondi

~ Ed: We thank you for those heart-felt admonishments and keenly anticipate more. One minor point, however. As far as we can tell, the Australian Financial Review coined the term “Bondi snobs” and wielded it at the do-gooders and Greenie opportunists who opposed Ms Betts’ plan, not your good upstanding selves.  Hoping also – for your peace of mind – to arrange for some Serco guards from the nearest privatised detention centre to pop down there at 2am and drag the homeless detritus into a van for “relocation.”  Jhyimy Two Hats says “Hi” btw.