Make Us Great Again

I take some offence at your ‘Auspol at Easter’ coverage’s flippancy with regard to my launch of Senator Pauline Hanson’s book, In Her Own Words ($29.99 at all good booksellers).

This is an important resource for journalists, academics and anyone interested in what Pauline Hanson actually said on a range of issues. A close reading of her political philosophy reveals the tight nexus between One Nation core policies and those of the ‘nouveau liberal’ (if I may be so bold as to add to the lexicon of Australian political discourse).

In other words – mine, and no doubt hers – One Nation and the Liberal National Party share the common values of all Australians. These include a wariness of foreigners, desire for a whiter Australia, and, ironically, a cherishing of that blackest of all minerals, coal. On this unshakeable trinity stands our national pride.

Your light-handed dismissal of our book launching will stand in poor light when I again lead the Liberal Party as Prime Minister, and join One Nation and the Nationals in a triumvirate that will sweep this country clean of everything older patriots and the Murdoch press dislike.

Together we will make Australia great again.

T. A.


Editor ~ Bated breaths all round.