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Readers’ comments are the essence of vibrant community websites, a festival of clever minds, and the icing on an already fine cake. But for most websites they are a depressing affair. In fatalistic anticipation, SheepOverboard regretfully has disabled article comments. However, in good print magazine spirit we’ve created a correspondence page.      

Letters are received via eMail only:

  • Please make it clear in the email subject that this is a letter to the editor and mention the article or issue you are addressing ~ if any!
  • We never publish personal details unless specifically requested.
  • We welcome letters on any subject and of [almost] any length.  



Where will my letter appear?
Your letter will appear in the general letters page

Will you publish my email address?
   No, never. Absolutely not.

Do I use my real name and address in the email?   

  • For legal reasons, yes. BUT…
  • You can provide a pseudonym or nom de plume for the published letter.
  • Even if you wish your real name published, only your initials plus suburb or postcode will appear.

Can I send as an attachment to an email.
   Yes, EXCEPT NOT in some arcane Apple document format. If in doubt, just write your letter in the email body.

Can I use swear words?
   We sincerely hope so. Bad words never hurt, but how they are phrased can and does. So racial slurs, various obscenities, and hurtful putdowns of other people are frowned on and we might not publish if you appear to be a particularly nasty person. Mischievous and witty putdowns are encouraged.

What if my letter does not appear?
   You can write and ask if we mislaid it, but if your letter is “slanderous” or a legal risk then that might be the reason.

What about Asshattery?
   Oh, that’s perfectly normal. Go ahead. Everyone does that, most of us without even trying. But high levels of asshattedness might preclude publishing.