A New Weather Prophet

From The Gadfly 28 February 1906

Mr. J. Harcourt Giddons’ weather chart for the next thousand years having just come to hand, it has been studied with considerable interest in this office.

The Gadfly has decided, however, that meteorological forecasts of a more local nature are needed, and has pleasure in printing some prophecies made by a gentleman whom we can confidently recommend, he having had considerable exerience in reading gas metres and adjusting chandeliers.



Ist to 5th —Warming up.
6th to 8th —Hot.
9th to 12th— ——! hot.
13th to 15th— *** hot.
16th—Sudden change.
17th—Things will begin to look green.
18th to 31st—Windy in federal circles.


Ist to 9th—Glass will go up; also kerosine, potatoes, lifts, hod-carriers, burglars, and land agents.
11th to 15th —Financial and theatrical frosts. Floods of bad language in principal cities.
16th to 18th —Very cold at North Pole. Park lovers wear overcoats.
19 th to 23rd—Heavy weather. Vessels will be unable to leave for Tailem Bend or Broken Hill.


Ist to 30th —Sultry in the Divorce Courts.


Ist to 22nd—Threatening in Sydney. Land agents, come in out of the wet.
23rd to 30th —Very dry, especially in Legislative Councils.

July, August, September, October.

Wet, cold, warm, showery.
Hot, clear, calm, with strong sou’-east by north winds. Continued wet off the coast.


Close and muggy at the seaside.


24th —Glass will fall and break. Fill up another.