January Knick Knackers

Malcolm Turnbull, it is said, believes the polls might turn in his favour this year.

Labour thinks likewise, that their popularity has peaked. Or are they just touching wood.

For Turnbull maybe the tide has turned. But the mix of ideologies in the Liberal Party has become more divisive and toxic with the addition of more hardliners as the year starts. Throsby is prone to think the tide has not so much turned as suddenly become a deadly riptide.

As new strong voices appear on the government benches, old thorns are still pricking away.

Tony Abbott told radio listeners he would not be holding his tongue this year. Considering he never shut up last year and every reporter thinks his even lesser farts are news, Fairfax, ABC, and NewsCorpse management are in a panic to recruit recently laid off news gathers to cope with the plethora, nay, the deluge, of Abbott-centric hogwash that – based on past experience – promise to be a veritable Tsunami of sour grapes.

A rotting corpse was exhumed again and dumped on the table. It’s TPP Mark 2 and apparently it stinks only to those who are not allowed to know why it stinks. Corporations and their bought/blackmailed politicians love the fragrance because it smells like money. And, think of it, the sheer romance of being able to sue a government for legislation intended to protect its people or environment… because it cuts into one’s profits. Magnificent.

Throsby studiously ignores and skips any block of text that suggests it might contain both the words “Trump” and “sex.” No firewall is perfect, however, and he was reading merrily a local news story that veered into those very concepts.

Throsby’s shutters went down, or shields went up, but not before he absorbed that POTARD Trump is allegedly terrified of, and detests, sharks. He hopes all the sharks die, according to the ultimate news source, Stormy Stephanie.

The supreme human shark loathes and fears his natural counterpart that symbolise his business reputation.